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Advertising bannersAdvertising banners

Advertising banners

  • FOB price:US $10-30
  • Color:black or as per request

                                 Various Advertising Air banners 
 Color  The standard colour is black, as this colour stands out with various backgrounds, (clouds, blue sky, buildings, trees etc). Custom colours can be produced to suit your requirements  
 Fabric  Specialized lightweight fabric with strong UV characteristics and finished off with a water proof coating
 Logo  It’s a great way to personalize your message. Send your logo or graphic to us. We will custom build this to your specifications
 Assemble    Each letter is separated, they are connected by the black clip.
How do they stay in the air?  Air Banners are held in the air by a kite, helium balloon, hot air balloon or strung between buildings over the street. We have also developed a system to tow the Air Banners behind a Jet-ski or power boat.
How high can they fly?   How long is your piece of string? You can fly the Air Banners 100-200m plus if you would like. Although we recommend, and supply, 100m (300ft) of flying line which is sufficient for most areas.
What happens when there’s no wind?  You can fly them below a helium balloon, hot air balloon, hang them between buildings. We have developed a unique winch system which allows the Air Banners to be flown behind a Jetski or power boat. The speed of the Jetski creates enough wind for the kite to fly in zero wind conditions, which allows the Air Banner to fly along the coast line.
 Do I need to be an expert at flying kites?  No you don’t, although general wind knowledge and ‘sailing’’ back grounds does come in handy.
 Where is a good place to fly them?  Kites like clean wind. Trees and power lines are not good. Parks and beaches are great.
                                        Photos of air banners

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